Discover the difference between microblading and permanent makeup?

Microblading and permanent makeup seem to be similar things but both are completely different. These are a form of cosmetic tattoo.

You will find a lot of people are getting scars, baldness and suffering from cancer so they are getting a cosmetic tattoo that can easily improve the overall appearance.  Both are proven to be great procedures that will surely able to enhance their appearance.

The majority of the folks are getting the permanent makeup that can last for almost three years. You will able to get the permanent makeup on the brows, lips and other parts.

If you want to improve the appearance of the eye brows, then microblading would be an ideal option for you.


Professional tattooists are performing permanent makeup by making the use of electrically powered machines. Let’s discuss the main difference between microblading and permanent makeup.

Is permanent makeup beneficial or not?

A lot of people are already getting permanent makeup that is known as a cosmetic tattoo. It is the only thing that can easily enhance the facial features. You will able to get the permanent tattoo on the eyebrows, lips.

If possible then you should always make a difference between permanent makeup and microblading. The majority of women totally depends on permanent makeup.

There are so many permanent makeup artists are out there that are doing makeup in different kinds of shapes and styles. Permanent makeup will look natural on you.

permanent makeup


Microblading is another form of makeup. It is one of the great cosmetic procedures that will improve the appearance of eyebrows.

Make sure that you are making a comparison between microblading vs. permanent makeup. Artists are making the use of particular hand tools that will enable artists to make superficial scrapes with ease.